Arshavin a Gooner Soon

Many pundits have questioned why should Arsenal be after a 27 year old attacking midfielder, when in their eyes the defence is our problem.

The answer is that we have not been creating enough chances at the other end in recent games. We have relied on Fabregas to create things and he has not played well this season. Nasri is still finding his way, whilst Walcott’s progress has been stunted by injury. We desperately needed another creative player; this has been the fans’ conclusion as to why we failed to win the title last season. You need variation in your attack.

Arsenal’s best form of defence is attack. Score goals and subdue the opponents, that is what we are based on.

For this reason Wenger must buy Arshavin, he will provide the spark that has been missing. The transfer will be a prolonged one. Spartak want £20M, we are offering £10M-£12M. Spartak’s valuation is based on their summer estimate of his value when the market was buoyant. Now, we are the only team in the running for Arshavin and Spartak know that. Our frugal spending in past seasons means we can compete in a depressed market-place. Spartak have indicated their willingness to compromise, saying that if we meet all agents’ fees and signing on fees they will deal at a lower value than £20M.

Arsene has not denied his transfer link unlike the ones linking us to Arteta and Given. Wenger has goen on to say that talks have not broken down.

This transfer will happen, it will be good for Arsenal and the fans, but we must be patient.

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