Arshavin Deal Hits Stumbling Block

Arsenal are still talking to Zenit St Petersburg over a possible transfer of Russian playmaker Andrei Arshavin.  The stumbling block is Zenit’s valuation €20 million, the same value that was placed on him in the summer.  Since then  we have had a worldwide economic collapse which has left few clubs in a position to spend much money.


When asked whether there was a possibility that the Russian playmaker could move to Arsenal, Arshavin’s agent  Lachter replied:


“Time will show, for the moment, there is nothing to comment about.”


“To want somebody and to buy somebody is a big difference. The appetite of Zenit (St Petersburg) is huge. If they realise times have changed a little bit then the move for Andrei (to Arsenal) could be very possible. But in the meantime Zenit (St Petersburg) people are living in a dream world.”


Wenger clearly sees Arshavin as his main transfer target, but he will give the deal to the end of the week and then move on to other targets, perhaps returning to Zenit at the end of the trasnfer window.

Arsenal are believed to have offered £12million,  the deal could go through in the next two days if Zenit reduce their demands. 

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