The Board Must Resign

We have reached the stage where Arsenal needs new blood in the board-room.  We can no longer trust the old Etonian boardroom led by Peter Hill-Wood. 

Mr Hill-Wood has been a good chairman of the club, but we have entered into a new era in football.  No longer can a club survive and succeed by being prudent.  As in any business unless you invest you will not reap the benefits.

The club generates £3M every home game, it has massive sponsorship deals and receives £30m every season from broadcasting rights plus Champions League revenue.

Arsenal generate massive profits every year  and the new flats at Highbury once sold will give the club the opportunity to repay most of its loans in advance.

Every season we run a transfer surplus.

The board claims that Arsene has the money to buy whoever he wants, yet in the summer the board refused to sanction the purchase of Yaya Toure over wages, we failed to sign Xabi Alonso over a £5M difference. Hill-Wood no states that there is not much money, yet the club has over £100M in the bank.  What is the board saving this money for, a rainy day, well today it is pouring down with rain and we need to spend the money or it is UEFA Cup football next season. 

Hill-Wood and Fiszman are too cautious in football terms, they need to resign and new blood to come in, people who are ambitious and will use Arsenal’s financial resources to strengthen the squad so that we can challenge once more for trophies.

The time has come for David Dein to be given the reins at the club once more.

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  1. We don’t run a transfer surplus every year mate. This summer we spent approx £22 mill and we sold about £16mill…
    I know wenger has made a much lower net loss on transfers in his time at the club, that is true.
    But this isnt champ man, its the real world, its more complicated than just these simple facts.

    • northbanklegend

      Summer 2008:
      Transfers Out
      Hleb £13M (plus performance fees)
      Hoyte £ 3M
      Bentley (sell on clause) £ 5M
      Gilberto £ 1M
      Muamba (sell on clause) £ 0.75M
      Diarra £ 5.5M (sold Jan 08 but part of same transfer cycle)
      Total £28.25M

      Transfers In:
      Nasri £13M
      Ramsey £ 5M
      Total £18M
      Total £21.75M

  2. hmm, you missed out some of the transfers in, and the sell-ons are a bit tenuous. The point I was trying to make is that we can’t jsut go throwing money around, there isn’t much of it.

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