Only Come to see Eboue

After two and a half seasons at the Emirates, Arsenal are still playing to sell-out crowds, this despite our inability to compete for the title and our descent into scrappy football.  Why is this?  Is it that people want to see the mercurial skills of Fabregas, the goal scoring of van Persie or tricks of Nasri?  The answer is- they only come to see Eboue.


When you see Eboue in action, nobody knows what will happen next, there is a certain air of mystique about our Ivorian utility player. 


He burst onto the scene as a swashbuckling right-back, terrorised defenders with his overlapping runs, unfortunately that lasted five months.


The following season the real Eboue stood up, sloppy defending, lazy passes, inability to cross.  Wenger moved him into a wide midfield role.  Did he improve? No!  In fact he was able to add further to his armoury.  He never tracked back and his shots and crosses deteriorated.


Not satisfied with a right-wing role, Eboue moved to central midfield and threatened to make this his new home.  Thankfully an injury saved the Arsenal fans from this fate.


Arsenal fans give their players plenty of chances and opportunities to establish themselves, look at Gus Caesar, Perry Groves, Gilles Grimandi and  Julio Baptista, all had their faults but the underline principle was they tried.  They gave 100% effort for the club, they fought for the team.


Eboue takes to the field as if he is a prima-donna.  You know when the ball is near him, there is a 90% chance it will end up with the opposition.  When the great Eboue losses the ball, he ambles around the pitch in his own time, never any urgency to help retrieve the ball, never any inclination to help Sagna, because Eboue is above such menial tasks.  Even when our players have the ball, they are wary of Eboue’s presence, he might tackle them. 


Eboue offers very little to the team, but we still back him, why? Well Wenger promises us that this ugly caterpillar will turn into a beautiful butterfly, one day.  A player that will mesmerise us, a player that will leaves us speechless with his skills, a player that will leave us awestruck at his pace, and for that reason we still turn up at The Emirates in our thousands to see Eboue.  

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