Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool

Arsenal drew with Liverpool, a result that suited Liverpool more than Arsenal and leaves Arsenal in a very precarious position, not only as far the title is concerned but our attempt at securing a top four finish.


Liverpool stated well and played the ball around, but Arsenal soon got into their groove. Liverpool’s main tactic was a time honoured Liverpool tactic, stick a big guy on our left-back and knock the ball up to him as often as possible.


Arsenal took the lead through Robin van Persie, a great take form Nasri, spin and strike that left Carragher and Reina stranded. Arsenal were cruising for the rest of the half until a long ball from Liverpool found Keane who outpaced Djourou and Gallas was too slow in coming over to cover and Keane made no mistake. That Keane was still on the pitch was due to the leniency of the referee, who only booked him after he went into the back of Clichy and scythed him down.  It is important to remember the leniency of Webb in this incident, because the moment Adebayor made a challenge in the first half he was booked and an even more innocuous challenge in the second saw the Togolese striker sent off. Arsenal first half worsened as Fabregas went off injured with an knee injury that could keep him out for several weeks.


Arsenal were building up a good head of steam in the second half until Webb intervened and dismissed Adebayor which at worse might have been a free kick, but was never of a booking. This incensed the crow who spent the rest of the game booing the Liverpool players and giving the referee a torrent of abuse, so much for respecting the referee. The fans frustrations were not helped when it took 5 fouls for Lucas to be booked, the ref also missed a clear pull n Diaby’s shirt and Carragher was not booked a second time when he man-handled an Arsenal player.


In the second half, down to ten men, Arsenal played like they had never done in the past.  Song who was timid in the first half was a monster in the second half, never have I seen him rampage around the pitch and link-up with the attack. If Song can produce this sort of form week-in week-out, then maybe he will become the player that Wenger hoped he would become. Diaby rolled up his sleeves and started to perform in the way we know he can.  Wenger must seriously consider playing him in the centre of midfield.


At the end we too ka point when we really needed three, but having been reduced to 10 men, missing our creator Fabregas and Nasri was not 100%, the point was accepted by the fans before the abuse was once more re-directed at Webb.  



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