Gallas the Final Farewell

Arsenal has been blessed with some rugged defenders in the past, players that gave everything to win the ball and were not scared of getting hurt. From the great McLintock, Willing Young, David O’Leary, Tony Adams, Steve Bould, Andy Linighan, Marti Keown and Sol Campbell.

We are now left with players who appear to be petrified of the ball, will not or cannot win a header to save their lives, maybe it will ruin their hairstyle, but as Gallas and Silvestre are not in need of a barber then that cannot be case.

Gallas came to us as a tempestuous character and for a while was thorn in everyone’s side, nothing was, as he wanted it, it was obvious Arsenal was not his choice of club. The captaincy seemed to calm him down until Clichy moments of madness both last season and this season. Now it is back to the big angry Gallas, everyone is at fault and no longer does he put in 100%.

Wenger insists that he is not going anywhere unless Arsene thinks it is best for the club. Well Arsene, it is best for the club for Gallas to move on, in fact the same can be said of Silvestre. Gallas is a great player, but now the demons are playing with his mind and Juventus’ call is too strong for him to resist.

Before Gallas moves on, he owes Arsenal several displays of Gallas at his best, defending well, being first to the ball and none of the silly games that he got up to in Porto with half hearted clearances or headers. We demand a full bloodied and committed Gallas to take to the field tomorrow against Middlesbrough and ext week against Liverpool. Gallas must leave the Emirates with people remembering him for the great defender he is not the baby who throws his toys out of the pram.

Come on Gallas we want to see the real Gallas.

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