Much Ado About Nothing

Too often this season we are talking about inept performances from Arsenal, lack of adventure, no ideas in the final third. Last night was the epitome of everything that is wrong with Arsenal this season.


At the back, we had Silvestre who is useless. I was never keen on him coming to Arsenal, and he has done nothing to disprove me. Against Burnley, we were at fault for their second goal and last night he was absent without leave for Porto’s second. He then comes out and states that the young players need to focus and fight for results, perhaps if he led by example on the field others will listen to him off the field. 


Gallas’s mind is on a fresh start in Italy, we must acknowledge that, and Wenger needs to start looking for a replacement. Thank you for the memories and rants William but it is au revoir.


Between Song and Denilson, they did not have an inventive idea between them. These two are squad players to come in for two or three games at a push, but not regular midfielders, not if we are serious about any type of trophy challenge this season. Look at Manchester United, Fergie knows the limitations of Fletcher and uses him accordingly; likewise, Anderson and Nani are used sparingly until they are ready for the Premiership on a regular basis.


In attack, we have Bendtner. A striker that believes his own hype, one good season in the Championship and he thinks he has made it. His first touch is as subtle as an elephant walking on eggshells. A loan spell at West Brom will teach him a lesson or two.


These players are not good enough to hold a regular place at Arsenal, Arsene needs to open his eyes, review the match and see our weaknesses and solve them in the January.


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  1. Well said cudnt agree anymore.
    Sivestre is arsene wenger’s worst signing.Y on earth did he sign him. Get rid of him. AND also pink boots,eboue should be sold. They dont deserve to be red and whites.

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