Gazidis to Cancel Emirates Sponsorship?

The appointment of Ivan Gazidis as Chief Executive will see new deals offered to Walcott and Fabregas before the season is over.  Furthermore, Gazidis will work alongside Wenger in bringing players in for the summer.  Gazidis biggest influence though will be with the team sponsors.


Edelman negotiated a headline grabbing £100M deal with Fly Emirates to sponsor the stadium and the shirts.  At the time it was a great move for Arsenal who needed the deal to secure the finances for the building of the stadium.  The problem was that Arsenal sold themselves short.


The deal included a £6M a year shirt sponsorship for 8 years and a 15 year stadium naming rights.  When looked at the component parts, did Arsenal really get a good deal?  Top shirt sponsorship deals are now running at £10M plus. If Arsenal paid Fly Emirates to cancel the deal, Arsenal would benefit by at least £25M.  As for the stadium, a deal could easily be struck for £6M a year as opposed to £3M the current deal offers.  Emirates and its owners, Dubai, could be willing to listen to such a deal as the Emirate of Dubai is heavily indebted and has recently had to rely upon the support of their neighbour Abu Dhabi to stave off a run on its economy.


Gazidis, will no doubt call Nike and seek to renegotiate this deal too, another that was sealed during our period of financial weakness.  Over the next few months Gazidis will increase our financial muscle, giving Arsene the ammunition to build a squad to fear in the summer.

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