Midfielder at Crossroads

Having started the season well, scoring a couple of goals, and filling the boots of Flamini admirably, recent weeks have seen Denilson run out of steam. Still young, Denilson needs to take a deep breathe and realise he is at the crossroads of his career.


Wenger has opted not to recruit anybody else, though this may change in January. Arsene either as a deep lying striker or as an auxiliary winger favours Diaby, whilst Song is at most a temporary stopgap in central midfield. The only other contenders for the central midfield berth are Ramsey, who will develop into a very accomplished midfielder and a host of youngsters who are two or three seasons away from the first team.


Denilson has the skill and ability to emulate and surpass Flamini, who had one very good season at Arsenal, but has become a mythical figure at the Emirates on the back of one season. Denilson has all the attributes; he is a hard worker, great at passing, possesses a good shot, and is good at delivering crosses. So why has Denilson looked completely lost?


He does not track back, does not put in a tackle, is unable to pass, and is petrified of shooting. We have lost the real Denilson and are now left to carry a player. Sunday could decide whether Arsene adds to midfield, which he needs to do, in January or whether he decides that Denilson can carry us the distance this season. Denilson needs to assert himself, make himself a nuisance to the Chelsea midfield, and start to tackle. On Tuesday, we will see Ramsey command the midfield against Burnley and it is only a matter of time before Arsene gives the opportunity of playing in central midfield in the Premier League.

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