Who Should Be Captain?

The press have jumped on Gallas’ back, the internet is rife with rumours of Gallas being stripped of the captaincy, the web-blogs and forums are running crazy with lynch mobs out for Gallas, and all because he spoke the truth.  All because the Arsenal fans cannot forgive Gallas from coming from Chelsea and see absolutely no fault with our bunch of overpaid spoilt players.


If Gallas was stripped of the captaincy, where will we be? Who would captain the side?


Clichy has been mentioned in many quarters.  Passing the captaincy to Clichy will be a big mistake by Arsene. Clichy is not a captain, he is very timid on the pitch, shows no leadership qualities and is prone to making mistakes, very costly ones at that. Clichy has been elevated to status of deity by Arsenal fans, not because he is an exceptional player, but because he has taken over from over of bête noirs, Ashley Cole. There is nothing in Clichy’s game or character that will make him a good captain.


The other favourite is Cesc. Now Cesc needs to focus on his own game, learn how to deal with the red mist and as with Vieira clean up his game a little. Fabregas is a great player, but does he have leadership qualities, can he inspire a team that is losing to fight back, will his fellow players listen to him? I doubt these players would listen to Cesc, I doubt that Cesc knows how to drive a team forward, he does not yet, have that commanding presence on the field that Vieira or Adams possessed.


This leaves us with Toure, who now, is not considered suitable by Wenger of playing at the back. Wenger seems to have lost faith in the abilities of the Ivorian defender to play in defence, so he is unlikely to be given the captaincy, unless of course he also drops Gallas from the team.


I do not believe Wenger has a true leader in the squad other than Gallas.  Gallas tries to inspire people, but the press have not forgiven him for the Birmingham game, when the real culprit was Clichy, it took us 4 games to recover from that mistake, a mistake that cost us the title. Gallas has organised activities for the players to try to bond the team together, Gallas always gives a pep talk to the players, which is dismissed as a gimmick by the media. 

Wenger needs to stick by Gallas a player who has won trophies and he needs to address the other prima-donnas in the team, they need a reality check, they have won nothing, yet they talk and act as if they are world beater.


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