The Arrogance of Youth

Gallas has gone on record to say that everything is not as it should be in the house that Arsene built.  It has long been suspected that factions existed between the Latins, Francophones, Anglo-Saxons and Africans, but it has never been exposed.  Now Gallas has said that friction exists, not only on the training ground but on the pitch.

Is this a pre-emptive strike by Gallas, a much maligned captain or is a crie de coeur from a man who wants things resolved?

Too many players at Arsenal strut around with an air of arrogance, Clichy, Senderos, Fabregas, van Persie and Adebayor are the greatest offenders.  Yet one asks what have they won in football to behave in this manner, absolutely nothing.  Arsenal fans will not hear a thing said against these players, yet William Gallas, an experienced player who has cups and league titles is ridiculed by the fans and could be driven out by these arrogant players with over-inflated egos. 

These players should show respect and humility towards players like Gallas, a real winner, who only wants to win things at Arsenal.  Do these players want to win trophies or are they above that?  Are they more interested in the weekly wages than medals?  It appears as if money and their ego is more important that winning. We saw the loyalty of Flamini and Hleb, two more players who thought they had “made it” at Arsenal.

This club needs winners and fighters, not young arrogant cocky players who are more interested in who is better at PES 2009 than winning a trophy for Arsenal.

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