We Can Talk A Good Game

Arsenal players never know when to shut-up.


All last season we had the constant stories of how good they were, how they were going to win this competition or that competition and in the end, they and we ended up with egg on our faces and empty handed.


This season, having not learnt the lessons of the past, they are at it again.


Adebayor, came out stating that he does not know how we threw the points away against Tottenham; well if bothered to look at the replay of the match he would have seen his tow glorious misses that would have put the game beyond Spurs.


After the Manchester United games, Fabregas does his normal tour de force of the press to state that we are right back in the title race, only for him to go and put in his worse performance in an Arsenal shirt against Aston Villa.


Gallas has said that Arsenal do not know how to close out a game, very true William, why then on Saturday against Villa did you not stand up strong against Agbonlahor?


After a horrific mistake against Spurs and a terrible own goal on Saturday, Clichy decides to absolve himself of all sins by stating that we need to change our game and play with confidence. He was the clown that started us on this downward spiral when he fell asleep against Spurs.


Now, the hapless Bendtner who has the close control of an elephant, and has not impressed in any of the games that he has started this season, so much so, that the fans were chanting Adebayor’s name on Saturday, has stated that he deserves more playing time. The way he has played recently, he will be lucky to appear for the Carling Cup team.


If Arsenal players are unable to do it on the pitch, they keep quiet and stop embarrassing themselves and us.

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