We Want Our Cesc Back

Cesc’s form this year has not come anywhere hitting the heights of the previous couple of campaigns. This is a symptom of youthfulness and of the supporting cast.


Last year when everyone waxed lyrical about Cesc, people did not appreciate that he had Flamini doing much of the donkeywork for him, and when Cesc needed a breather, the ball went out to Hleb, who dribbled to his hearts content.


This season has seen both of these tow players leave. In Denilson, Cesc has not found a capable replacement for Flamini, Denilson is very lightweight and is not as conscious of what is going on around him as Falmini. This results in Cesc having to do lot more tracking back and tackling, than he did last season, in turn this takes away from his attacking play, which is self-evident from the fewer goals that he has scored this season.


Nasri has come in a replaced Hleb, Nasri is a different proposition to Hleb, he does not stay out on the touchline, rather he is inclined to come into the centre of the field.  This means, that when Cesc looks up, Nasri is no longer on the far left, rather no more than a few yards from him, in an already congestion midfield.


Despite this change in personnel, Cesc should be a big enough player to overcome these minor matters and raise his game. In Nasri he has a player who is more direct than Hleb ever was, whilst Denilson is more attack minded than Flamini, which should help Cesc.


Fabregas is missing for the game on Saturday after reaching 5 yellow cards, another symptom of frustration, this could give Ramsey the opportunity to show what he can do, whilst for Cesc it is a chance to re-charge the batteries and return with all guns blazing.  Arsenal need a fired-up Fabregas.  I hope the current malaise affecting Cesc is temporary and is not a prelude to a summer move back to the Nou Camp.








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  1. Very good article. I have been concerned by his form as well – certainly not as good as last year yet. However – he will improve in time. I’m sure of it.

    Excellent blog by the way – if you could drop me an email when you get the chance. I would appreciate it.

    Thanks a lot,


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