Are The Young Guns the Answer

Everybody loves Arsenal’s Carling Cup team, the media can’t get enough of it, the press will carry stories for days to come, Arsene will walk around with a smile like the Cheshire Cat and Arsenal fans immerse themselves in fantasy land of dominating football for decades to come.

Our crop of youngsters, not just this group, but over the last three years has been great, and I am sure there are many more good youngsters waiting in the wings to show us what they can do. Nobody disputes this. The questions everyone wants to know is will they break into the first team, could they perform at the highest level week-in, week-out. Even Arsene will be reluctant to play all these players, which is why we see Song playing central midfield for the first team, but at centre back for the Carling cup team, Wenger will not trust Randall or Ramsey in central midfield, yet. The same can be said of the wide positions, neither Wilshere nor Merida are given an opportunity, instead we play Eboue or Diaby out of position.

Premier league football does not have age restrictions; teams go out and buy players of all ages ad mix the blend together to achieve success. Even if we accepted, three more years of trophy less football to allow these players to develop, other teams will not wait for their 18 or 19 year olds to develop, they will go out and spend £8M on say Deco or £19M on Keane or £30M on Berbatov.

Football is not a level playing, until we realise this and accept that you need to augment your youthful talent with experienced players, we will always be dreaming of football domination instead of achieving it.

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