Young Guns to Shine

Carlos Vela and Fran Merida are taking star billing in tonight’s Carling Cup clash with Wigan Athletic.


Arsene Wenger has spoken very highly of both these players recently. Describing Vela as having the potential to become a world-class striker. We all saw in the game against Sheffield United that Carlos has the potential, what most Arsenal fans are waiting for is for Vela to be given a start in the league. Bringing him on for 10-15 minutes whilst we are chasing a game, does not allow him to play his natural game, everything he does is rushed.  The Mexican striker should be given a chance on Saturday against Aston Villa, after that game van Persie is back from suspension and Adebayor will back shortly after that , and all being well so will Eduardo, meaning Vela will get fewer and fewer opportunities this season.


Arsene was very complimentary about Merida today in the papers, stating that he is not like Cesc, but is a playing who is often playing the right ball in the last third of the pitch. Merida is only 18, but age as we have seen has never been an excuse for Arsene. Arsenal fans would love to see Merida on the bench for two or three league games and then given a 15-20 minute, opportunity to show us what he can do.


These are just two of the talents that lie waiting in the reserves, this season, more than any other; they should get first team opportunities, a chance to show how far they have and how far they have to go. It is better to give these players Premier League experience early in the season, so that if they are required later in the season, it will not be alien to them.

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