We Want Success Now

The fans’ barometer has been swinging recently into anti-Wenger mode. Arsenal fans are appreciative of Wenger’s achievements, but are frustrated as to events in recent years, not weeks. In fact, there are more and more voices being heard around the Emirates of Wenger out! These are not chants at games, merely in discussions amongst the fans.


Arsenal fans love the entertaining football that we see at the Emirates, what disappoints is that too often in recent years the passing football results in no shots or goals and no trophy at the end of the season.


Fans can identify that last season’s squad needed another wide player plus a commanding central midfielder. Instead, we lost a wide player and three central midfielders..


In came Nasri to replace Hleb, not to supplement the squad as people had expected. But Nasri was not enough. Rosicky was out in January and Wenger chose to sign a replacement neither then, nor in the summer and no doubt he will be duped into believing the Czech playmaker will be back in a  few weeks and so no replacement will be signed in the January window either.


Wenger spoke of us being short in midfield and the need to get a player in before the FC Twente second leg and again before the close of the transfer deadline. The result was nobody arrived, yet in the space of six months we lost the best defensive midfielder in England, Diarra to Portsmouth, Flamini and Gilberto. Diarra should have been allowed to go out on loan, whilst Flamini should have been offered a new contract in December, if he was not prepared to sign then Diarra should never have been allowed to leave.


Do we believe the papers? One states that Arsenal agreed a fee for Yaya Toure but the board would not pay him £50,000 a week, another states that we offered Liverpool £10M for Xabi Alonso and they wanted £16M, so we walked away. If either is true, then it is criminal that for £6M we lost Alonso or for £1M wages we lost Yaya Toure.


Wenger’s philosophy of buying young players and nurturing them through to the first team, or bringing through our own youngsters is admirable and nobody would disagree. But this philosophy cannot be to the detriment of winning trophies and to win trophies you need a core of experienced players. We do not need to go over the players we have lost over the last few years and the lack of replacements, we all know the score on this.


What the fans want is to see, are some quality, experienced players come in; we have the financial resources. Failure to do so will no longer be acceptable by the fans. Failure to win a trophy and stay in contention for the title will see Fabregas leave in the summer. Failure to re-dress the balance of the squad will result in season tickets not being renewed; no longer will we believe the mantra churned out that this squad has the potential.


Arsenal fans admire everything Wenger has done for the club, but we are not fickle and will not be duped into believing that tomorrow trophies will appear with this squad, what we want to see in January is a change in transfer policy.

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