Is Clichy the Real Weak Link?

All too often Arsenal fans look at Gallas and start to criticise him for everything.   Yet they turn a blind eye to Clichy.


Gallas has scored many vital goals for us, he has saved us ,many points, he is the first real captain we have had since Adams .  He inspires the team, organise social events and rarely puts a foot wrong.


On the other hand Clichy has escaped all criticism from the Arsenal fans, why?  Yes he is fast, aggressive, a good defender, but he can make too many costly mistakes.


Last season the biggest mistake cost us the title.  We were 2-1 up at Birmingham, seconds to go and he fell asleep for a second that second cost us a goal, a goal that dented our confidence and our title hopes.  Earlier that season a similar mistake against Manchester City cost us a goal.


On Wednesday, Clichy with a minute of normal time to go, played around on the half way line when what was required was a long ball up to Adebayor, instead and not for the first time he tried to play his way out, he slipped and that slip cost us two points.


Arsenal fans are all too ready to blame Gallas, when an analysis would show that he has cost fewer points than Clichy through mistakes, instead if we are honest, Gallas has earnt us many points over the last few seasons.


Arsenal fans are blind to Clichy’s weaknesses, and this is because we are not prepared to admit that Clichy is not as good as Ashley Cole was.  Cole would never make this silly mistakes, and until Clichy improves his game, he will be are weak link.     





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  1. Utter nonsense. You base this on what? 2 mistakes in two seasons. If you think Clichy if our defensive weak link you are either insane or stupid.

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