Blame Everyone Except Me – Adebayor

Adebayor has gone record to say that he does not know how the game ended as a draw and saying that with displays like this (against Spurs) we will not win the title.


What is infuriating is that if Adebayor was at all honest, he would look at himself and realise he was the main reason for us not beating Spurs.  Two easy chances, at 2-1 and at 4-2, and the game would have been sealed. 


I have been a supporter of Adebayor, but this season he is hopeless.  He cannot score to save his life; his first touch is what I would expect from a League Two striker, not from a prima-donna striker who was demanding a move to Barcelona or AC Milan in the summer.  Adebayor, surprise, surprise has been caught offside more than any other player in the Premier League.


There is nothing more annoying that someone who is not pulling their weight in the team, turning around and trying to tell the other players where we are going wrong.


Adebayor should be dropped for several games and give Bendtner a run in the team, maybe a while on the bench will allow Adebayor to reflect upon his own performances and realise he is one of the causes of our indifferent season.

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