Arsenal AGM – a Farce

Arsenal held their AGM yesterday and it was a complete farce.

Taking his place on the directors table was Stan Kroenke, Arsenal’s newly appointed director, the man described by Hill-Wood as “we do not need his like at this club”, well he is at the club and now he is your fellow director Mr Hill-Wood.  Continuing this theme, Hill-Wood went to say that the board will not be selling the club to the likes of Usmanov, forgetting to mention that he has hardly any shares to sell in the first place, the Chairman went on to qualify his statement by saying “We will not hand the club to someone who hasn’t got Arsenal blood in their veins”, a statement equally directed to Usmanov and to Arsenal’s newly appointed  director Stanly Kroenke.

Not content with this, our beloved uncle then stated that Arsenal spent over £100M on players this summer. Before you think I have gone mad, Hill-Wood includes wages in this figure and he has promised to carry on investing at this level!

To round off his tour-de force, Hill-Wood has once again said we will soon appoint a new Managing Director.  We have heard this before, remember Dein left in April 2007, Edelman left in May 2008, yet we are still waiting to appoint a new MD.  The board should get off the back-sides and appoint someone now, they are acting completely incompetently on this subject.

Hill-Wood is like an old uncle who comes out every Chirstmas has a liitle too much gin and spurts out utter nonsense, the only difference is that Hill-wood does this too frequently adn it is about time he resigned.

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