Give the Young Guns a Chance

Following the defeat against Hull City there is plenty of navel gazing, doom and gloom descends upon Arsenal fans, then end of the world is nigh, Wenger is a rubbish manager.  The real problem is Wenger is a very conservative manager in his team selection.


Wenger likes to give the youngsters a run in the Carling Cup and the odd  third round of the FA Cuo, depending on the opponents, but he is reluctant to give them the opportunity in the league.  Instead he relies on the same players.  This breeds complacency as was evident on Saturday.


What is the point in having Vela and Bendtner knocking in goals for fun against Sheffield United and in pre-season, but then only given them a limited run-out on Saturday.  Even then  what is the point of bringing on Bendtner who has the header of a ball at the club, yet take off the only player who can provide the ammunition, Walcott,  Bendtner spent his time crossing the ball to van Persie and Adebayor.


Giving Vela 12 minutes, is treating him how we treated Walcott in his first full season at Arsenal, a player to be thrown on to salvage a game and never allowing the lad a chance to bed himself in.


The performances of van Persie and Adebayor on Saturday were lamentable.  Van Persie has not been the same since he came back from injury.  Finding a role for him in the team is a problem,  he is not the little man to play off Adebayor, he does not have the creativity of Bergkamp to play the second withdrawn striker.  He has immense skill, but currently lacks confidence.


Adebayor needs to clear his head, he started off both halves looking up to the heavens for devine inspiration which never arrived!  He has no confidence to score at home, he should be dropped for a couple of games, go back and count his money and then return when he is hungry, perhaps a Carling Cup outing will bring some humility and wipe the smile off his face.


On the bench we had Ramsey, who ran the show against Sheffield United and also played a great ball for Adebayor at Blackburn, yet he was not given a chance in place of Denilson in the second half.  The young Brazilian did well, but sometimes you need to change things.


One player that should be removed as far as possible from any Arsenal team is Eboue.  Never I have heard a player booed as much as he was on Saturday, his histrionics annoy everyone.  Wenger should use either Gibbs or Merida on the left flank until Nasri returns from his injury. Eboue has been tried on the right-wing, left-wing and central midfield and every time he has been poor.  Why have left sided players in the squad and play Eboue instead of them?


Wenger needs to practice what he preaches in the Premier League and start to give the youngsters a run if the regulars are not performing. The young guns are hungry and will never enter a game as complacent as some of their “senior” team-mates.

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