Arsenal Fans Loyal

Tuesday night’s attendance at the Emirates was 56,632, this is 93.8% of the total capacity.  Of the big premier teams it was the best.  Manchester United had 52,632 (69%), whilst Liverpool had 29,151 (64%).  Does this mean Arsenal fans are more loyal to the club?


Well what it means is that the club have continued to make the Carling Cup games more accessible to its fans than other teams.  The club see the Carling Cup as an opportunity to reduce ticket prices, the cheapest were £5 for children and £10 for adults, thus allowing fans who do not normally attend Premier League games to visit the Emirates and experience a top game at the stadium.


This policy has the effect of the team playing in front of a near capacity crowd at the expense of reduced income for the club.  Other premiership teams do not go along with this policy and you end up with row upon row of empty seats at Anfield and Old  Trafford.  


Arsenal look at the long term, foregoing cash today , but capturing the fan for tomorrow. There is nothing better to get a youngster hooked onto a club than being able to go and see their team live.

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