Denilson – The Brazilian Matures

The season started with fear and trepidation as to who will replace Flamini.  We had two candidates, Diaby and Denilson.  One was injury prone, the other was prone to erratic form.  Arsenal fans held their breath as it was left to Denilson to fill the void.

Undoubtedly Denislon had tremendous ability and potential, but as so often happens with youth, form is unpredictable.  Pre-season saw the young Brazilian take centre stage whilst Wenger tried to bring in new players.  None arrived and Diaby was absent with another injury.  Denilson’s start was tentative and far from convincing, in fact the Fulham game was a complete disaster.

Denilson persisted and soon things started to click for the diminutive Brazilian. As Arsenal’s form got better so did Denilson. He has added scoring to his wide array of talents, he can run and tackle all day long.  His delivery from set pieces is second to none at the club.  He has a habit of turning up in the box to score goals, and we have seen from previous seasons thast he packs a mean shot from distance.

Denilson is using his extended run in the team to develop into a player who can be considered an all-round midfielder.  Carry on like this and soon people will forget about Flamini.  Wenger must use Denilson carefully, he is still young and form can go as quickly as it arrives, he must use Diaby, when he is back to rotate with Denilson.

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