Arsenal v Sheffield United – Carling Cup

The Carling Cup gets underway on  Tuesday with Arsene Wenger continuing his policy of using youngsters and first team “fringe” players.  Wenger sees the Carling Cup an as opportunity to use the youngsters in first team situations to see how they react and who rises to the occasion.  The results do not matter to Arsene Wenger so long as the performances are good. 

There have been two occassions that this policy has failed, last season against Spurs and a few years ago against Chelsea.

Ordinarily the likes of Denilson, Song, Walcott and Eboue would feature, but our squad is so thin at the moment that the bos swill not risk any of these players.  This means we go down to the next level of players, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Mark Randall, Hanri Lansbury, Fran Merida.  They will all feature as will reserves captain Jay Simpson and Carlos Vela who has been itching to start a game for Arsenal.  Whether WEnger allows Bendtner another run will depend whether Wenger fears he will get injured.

At the back the options are limited Djourou and Gibbs are certainties, other than that we are looking at even younger players.

The game is a virtual sellout and Arsenal will be looking at progressing to give these boys more exposure.  The performance is important to show the boss that they can move up to the first team and do a job.  It would be nice to progress and hopefully Wenger adds more experience and we can at least reach the final and win the trophy.

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