Kroenke Joins Arsenal

No this is not a new player, but the appointment of Stan Kroenke to the board of directors.

For those of you who do not remember, this is the same Kroenke that David Dein wanted to be brought onto the Arsenal board with the option of investing further into the club.  This is the same man that was ridiculed by Hill-Wood and was described by the chairman as “we do not need his sort at the club.

So now Kroenke is flavour of the month, why?  The answer is Usmanov.  In true cold war fashion the English have turned the Americans against a Russian.  Kroenke is the man to block Usamonov, to protect us fro mthe clutches from this evil Russian / Uzbek.  Well, until he too is invited onto the board.

Sooner or later the board will come to their senses, and open the club up to new money.

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