If the Price is Right

Recent mutterings from ex-Etonian Peter Hill-Wood have sent the City finacial fixers in a tailpsin.  If the offer was right we will have to recommend it to shareholders.

When David Dein dared mentioned bringing Kroenke on board, he was dismissed from the board, the remaining directors raised the drawbridge, manned the barricades and awaited for the horrible American to come charging over the North Bridge and lay siege to Arsenal.  A great PR exercise had Dein as the evil insider prepared to betray Arsenal.

The board were not prepared to listen and soon after Usmanov bought out Dein’s shares.  This led the board to soften their stance towards Kroenke, and many reports expect Kroenke to join the board of directors this autumn.

Following the acquisition of Manchester City by the Abu Dhabi royal family, it was rumoured that Arsenal were a club that Abu Dhabi looked at but the complication of the share ownership put them off. 

The Arsenal board have realised that no mater how much revenue we can generate at the Emirates, we will one day be left behind if the likes of Everton, Tottenham and Newcastle are bought by a rich Arab family.  The other factor that has forced Hill-Wood to make a volte-face is that their are a limited number of rich  Arab Royal families. 

Lock-down agreement or not, if Arsenal plc were offered £10,000 per share, the directors will not be performing their duty if they did not make this offer public and allow the shareholders to decide whether or not to sell.

If Arsenal were acquired by say the Dubai or Qatari royal family, the purse strings will be opened and that will give Wenger the opportunity, which he will take, to acquire the best players.  The policy of brining through youngsters was  devised when we had no money, give Wenger a budget of £100M this summer  and he would have bought Xabi Alonso, Robinho and David Silva.

What remains to be seen is how soon the board will put the feelers to financial fixers and which royal family will buy The Arsenal.  Once this happens we will move onto a different level financially, what is is certain is that we cannot afford to be left behind while other clubs catch us up and overtake us.

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