£30Million to Spend… But Will We Spend Anything?

Arsenal director, Danny Fiszman, got sick and tired of the rubbish coming out that Arsenal are broke. He stated that if Arsene came to him with a request for £30 million, there will be no problem, the only problem is Arsene will never do it.

So the board claim we have money, but Arsene believes it is as quick to integrate youngsters into the team as it is to buy established players, so in a race to see who is better for Arsenal between  Torres and Bendtner, Wenger thinks it is easier for the Dane to perform for Arsenal that Torres, interesting.

After yesterday’s flood of De Guzman stories, today there is silence.  Not surprisingly as Wenger is under some impression that the team that struggled in the first three games has been transformed by one good performance against a mediocre Dutch team.

 We have a situation that the more people clamour for Wenger to spend, the more intransigent he gets on insisting that what we have is good enough. It is as if Arsene wants to prove to people that we can win trophies without spending on established players.  It has become a battle of wills, Arsene’s refusal to sign established players, whilst everyone else wnats him to sign players. 

There was a barbed comment from Fiszman that the board is demanding a trophy, “We want to win trophies and I think it is time we did, but Arsene also believes in creating teams with a certain style.”  What Arsene must realise and stop being so stubborn, is that the two are no mutually exclusive.

There are still just over three days to go until the transfer window closes and more and more names are being thrown into the ring, Stephen M’Bia from Rennes, Vedran Corluka from Manchester City and Blaisie Maituidi from St Etienne.  But will Wenger move into the market or does he still think that Eboue and Song can bring home the trophies in midfield.

In a recent interview Wenger seemed upbeat abotu ding some business, but it will mena staying up to midnight on 1 September to see if we have singed anyone.

“Last year it was at midnight – and we are ready to stay up all night this time if it is needed,” Wenger said of the situation. “We have still a long time to go.

“For a while they all talk the talk and nothing happens, then in the last four or five days every half-an-hour there is a headline saying someone has signed somewhere.

“When you have experience of transfer dealings, you know that as long as something is not signed you know it can change very quickly so you can look very silly, so you don’t want to come out and announce it.”

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