Is De Guzman the Answer?


There are many reports today linking Arsenal with Feyernoord’ young Dutch midfielder Jonathan De Guzman. The amazing facts are that De Guzman is only 20 years old and he will cost £12M.  Is this really the midfield player Wenger promised?

De Guzman was due to join Everton, but nothing can go right for the Toffees at the moment, with the player expressing a desire top join Arsenal.  His club, Feyernoord, are prepared to sell their top asset to balance the books.  De Guzman has been likened to Owen Hargreaves, which puts me off him straight away. He too was born in Canada and is a defensive midfielder.

If Wenger is prepared, and that is a very big if, to spend £12M on a 20 year-old, why was he not prepared to go the extra mile for Alonso, who at 26 offers several years of Premiership football experience and can score a hatful of goals. 

How good is De Guzman, well we have to trust Arsene’s judgement on this, will add more than Denilson or Diaby to the midfield, only time will tell, if Arsenal proceed and buy him.  I remain to be convinced that £12m on De Guzman is better than £16M on Alonso, one has proven ability at the Premiership and at international level, the other plays in the Eeredivisie, as seen from last night, not one of the strongest leagues in Europe.

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  1. If you only knew, what a tallent de guzman is

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