Hill-Wood Should Shut-Up

Peter Hill-Wood has once more entered the frame with comments as to what Wenger should do.  This man has little power at the club but speaks out all the time, often infuriating the players and fans.  Time has come for us to retire the man and bring in someone with energy.

Peter Hill-Wood is part of a long line that has been involved with Arsenal Football Club for nearly a hundred years.  The Hill-Wood and Bracewell-Smith families have fashioned Arsenal into the club it is today.  One built on Edwardian and Etonian principles, run pretty much like a gentleman’s club.  This has stood the club in good stead for many years, has ensured the stability of the club, but now the time has come for a change.

Hill-Wood sold his shares in the club to David Dein and has not been the power behind the club for some time.  Unfortunately, Hill-Wood has not realised he lack power and too often comes out to talk about player’s wages.  He does this when a player is negotiating a new contract and states if they do not like the offer they can leave.  This infuriates players and fans alike. 

Today we hear Hill-Wood once more at it, telling Wenger to ignore the clamour, that has been increasing for the last three years, for Arsene to bring in players, to add to the squad, to increase the depth and experience of the squad.  How can the Chairman say this, it is giving Wenger the excuse not to buy anymore players.  Surely he saw how we faded away last season, we have since depleted our squad further and failed to replace the departures, never mind adding to it.  Is he so blind to see the inadequacies of the games so far to believe that everything is ok?

Hill-Wood needs to shut up, let the people who know how to run the club run it and he should focus on networking with his fellow Etonians.

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