The Morning After the Night Before



Having had time to reflect on our abject performance of yesterday, has anything changed.  Was I overtly critical, did emotions get the better of me?  On reflection, the answer is no.


Our problems start and end with the midfield. 


People expect Fabregas to appear and everything will be fine, well it doesn’t work like that.  Last season one of our best performances was away to Aston Villa and that was without Fabregas.  Fabregas is a genius, but he cannot perform miracles on his own, he needs a supporting cast and last season he had to able assistants in Hleb and Flamini.  Cesc returns on Wednesday against FC Twente, a game we should win, this win will paper over the cracks in our midfield.


Arsene went on record to state that central midfield was lacking strength, what he failed to say was that the two players also lacked the ability to pass the ball or create.anything that resembled a chance.  Is this something that suddenly happened overnight, or was this situation evident in pre-season.  Well we knew this was the case the moment we sold Hleb and Flamini had left.. It was agreed by all that our midfield lacked firepower last season, before losing four members of the squad.  Instead of adding to the squad, we allow players to leave and expect 16 year-olds like Wilshere to make the difference.


I go back to the end of last season when Arsene stated that within a few weeks we will see things that will show the fans we are on the right track.  We all got excited, and waited and waited and waited.  Nasri came eventually, joined by young hopefuls in Ramsey and Bischoff.  No rejoicing in the streets of North London, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United were rolling around laughing at our attempts to re-enforce our squad.


Arsene promised quality players, we got Nasri.  Nasri is quality, but the boy cannot do it on his own, he needs players alongside him.


We were then promised at least another body in midfield, only to end up with Mikael Silvestre and a statement that we are not close to signing anybody else.  Why?  Is it that Wenger has not being doing his homework?  Does the club not have Directors capable of closing deals?  Can we have answers Arsenal.


It is widely reported that we offered Liverpool £10M for Alonso.  When Bentley is going for £15M, were we really serious?   A bid of £!6M would have have and still could secure the signature of the Spanish midfielder.  He will add so much to our team.  Instead we are not prepared to go the extra yard.


This week is a fundamental week for Arsenal. 

We need to sell Senderos, his time is up at Arsenal.  Djourou appears to be nearing a loan exit, he has played well but Song has leapfrogged him, the international exposure that Song has had has doen him immense value.  We will have four centre-backs, Gallas, Toure, Silvestre and Song.

In should come M’Bia from Rennes and Alonso.  No matter what the cost is, bring these boys in.  Out need to go Eboue, he is hopeless, sell him now that we can get something for him.  We also need to recruit another wide player. 


If Wenger fails to make these signings then Wenger has put his job on the line.  Failure to win a trophy this season and Wenger needs to go. He has done a fantastic job, but football evolves and we are not evolving.


The next eight days will decide Arsenal and Wenger’s future.


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