Senderos to Leave – Tiago to Join?

Philippe Senderos is about to end his ignominious career at Arsenal, the only questions to be answered is where will he go and why has it taken Wenger so long to realise his frailties.

Arsenal are in talks with Newcastle, AC Milan and one other club, so far not named, to discuss the imminent transfer of the Swiss defender.  Newcastle have made on of £6M, but Arsenal are holding out for £8M.  The mystery third club is believed to be Juventus. 

A deal with Juventus could suit Arsenal as there is a certain Portuguese midfielder who has Premiership experience who will fit into Wenger’s midfield.  Tiago, the former Chelsea, has been in talks with Everton and has today turned down a loan deal.  This leaves him open to an approach from Arsenal.  Tiago had a good spell at Chelsea and was forced to leave Stamford Bridge as part of the Essien deal.  He will be a great acquisition for Arsenal.

As for Senderos, well after a good start to his career he has had a torrid time, always looking nervous and never putting any fans at rest.  We all knew he was one moment away from disaster, fans look at Senderos and see him panicking, he is like a rabbit caught in headlights.  Last season Wenger dropped him for Song and that made his mind up that it was time to let the Swiss defender leave.  This summer has seen Djourou move ahead of Senderos, whilst the signing of Silvestre was the final nail in coffin of the Swiss centre back.

There will be no tears shed for Senderos, but plenty of cheer if Tiago joins us.

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