Stop the Boasting and Start Winning

Too often last season when you opened a newspaper it was to read one of our players stating how we were going to do this or that, how we were going to win this trophy or the other.  If it wasn’t to read about what we were going to do, then it was to “criticise” one of their fellow players.


What is with Arsenal, can’t we keep our mouth shut until we actually do something?  We look so stupid mouthing off like this and then failing to do anything at the end of the day.  Have we learnt anything from that?  No.


A new season and the boasts have started.  All this does is inspire your opponents to beat you and make you look stupid once again.  Do you  hear Rooney, Ferdinand, Lampard or Terry come out with these statements?  The answer is no, this is because all good professionals let te actions on the field of play do their talking, once you win something do your interviews, write your newspaper pieces, but until then, keep quiet. 


Last season we had Gallas criticise Walcott, did this help team morale, it certainly didn’t.  I do not care if it was taken out of context or something was lost in translation, just do not do it, do not say anything about your team-mates that can be used against you.


This season from his recovery bed, Tomas Rosicky, has given an extensive interview.  Within the interview were barbed comments aimed at Walcott, Clichy and Gallas.  This is ridiculous, yes, the Birmingham game was the turning point last season, yes Clichy fell asleep for a second that cost us dearly, but the players need to be united.  It does not do much for team morale to criticise your fellow team-mate. 


My message to the players is do not criticise your team-mates, do not start proclaiming victory before the trophy is in our hands, only this way if we stay focused will win.

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