Adebayor – The Future Goal King

After a summer of postulating, mostly on the part of his agent, after a summer of rumours, links and frustration, Adebayor has put pen to paper and signed a new improved contract.  At no point did Adebayor ask to leave, instead he re-iterated his desire to stay at Arsenal, only to be told by his agent to retract his statement.

Some fans will boo the big man, some have never liked him, some cannot get over the fact that Henry has left and his replacement is a big strong striker who can head the ball.  That is their right, but they must get over the past and accept that Adebayor will grow into a strong striker, a striker who will eclipse Drogba but unless he hist 30 a season every season ,will never eclipse the mighty Henry.

Adebayor is a different type of striker, his ball control can mesmerize you at times and other times he will annoy you.  He can score spectacular goals, he can score headers, how did we lament the lack of headed goals during the Henry golden era?  He can slot a penalty away too, even though i have never felt comfortable with any of his penalties.

Adebayor has pace and strength that can take hi past defended at will, he has vision to pick out a colleague when required and he is not concerned about scoring tap ins or scrappy goals.

Adebayor is a young players and under Wenger he will learn and we at Arsenal will benefit from his evolution into a great striker.  Fans needs to get off his back, we forget too easily it was his goals that took us to the heights we reached last season, too many people say anybody could have scored the goals he did last season, well that is rubbish.  The season before we had Aliadiere and Baptista up front and that was a right Laurel and Hardy comedy show.

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