Gallas – The Right Man for Arsenal

Gallas will lead Arsenal to success

Gallas will lead Arsenal to success

Last season Wenger shocked everyone at Arsenal in appointing William Gallas as club captain, especially as Gilberto and Kolo Toure had deputised for Thierry Henry.  Some, cynics no doubt, thought this was move by Wenger to stop Gallas complaining.






Once the season, it be came obvious to everyone that Gallas was the corret choice as captain. In fact, Gallas it could be argued, was Arsenal’s first “real” captain since Tony Adams.  Patrick Vieirra was never a leader of men on the pitch, he was just Arsenal’s midfield colossus.  Whilst Thierry Henry was a talisman for Arsenal to re-group around.  Gallas on the other hand was everything a captain should be.

 Before every match Gallas led the famous “huddle”, he gave out words of inspiration to the players.  During the game he cajoled, encouraged and led the players onwards.  Not content with his midfield duties, William Gallas popped up at the other end on two occasions, getting the equaliser against Manchester United in the dying minutes and scoring against Wigan as time was slowly drifting away from Arsenal.

Off the field Gallas has done something that has been missing from Arsenal teams of late, he has created bonding sessions, bringing the players and their families together.

Gallas is man enough to realise that he made mistakes last season, his reaction to the last minute penalty conceded against Birmingham was inexcusable.  Similarly, his criticism of Walcott, whenever it was made or whatever context it was made was wrong.

Frenchman Gallas told the London Evening Standard: “You know I learned a lot last season.

“You want to be the best captain, give good advice to your players, but sometimes you can make mistakes as well so I think this season I know what I’m going to do and I know I am ready to change the way I speak to the players.

“We have to win something this time because the trophies are more important at the end of the season.

“Last season we were near to winning something. I hope this season it will be different. Everybody knows what they have to do, we are ready.”

Some people are advocating that Fabregas should be made captain, but Gallas has the experience and temperament to carry the team forward. Gallas has shown the qualities of a captain, burdening Cesc with the captaincy at such a young age will do him more harm than good.   Gallas will galvanise the players to succeed as he is a winner, he did not come to Arsenal to settle for second place and he will not stop until the team starts to win silverware.

Gallas is the man to captain Arsenal to success next season and Wenger knows this and that is why he will not stripped of the captaincy.

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