Arsenal is the Perfect Club – Nasri

"Arsenal style of football excites me"

"Arsenal style of football excites me"


Arsenal’s new signing Samir Nasri has told L’Equipe that the main reason he joined Arsenal was because of Arsene Wenger.


Arsene Wenger has nutured many talents in his time at Arsenal, those that have stayed loyal to the maanger like Henry and Vieirra have reaped the benefits, those who were anxious to move on like Anelka have had mixed fortunes.

“For me, Arsenal are the ideal club when you see the number of players who have gone on to develop there and have proved themselves there,” he said.

“It is important to go to a stable club, where there is no revolving door.

“At Arsenal, Arsene Wenger has brought through players, he is French, the team is young, and we know the quality of the atmosphere there. For me it was the wisest choice.

“I like their game and the culture of Arsenal’s football makes me dream. Last season, I got so excited watching all their matches.

“It is this culture, this way of playing, which in my opinion represents the best things about football.”

Nasri, a £12.8M close season signing from Marseilles, had all the attributes that Wenger looks for in a player, pace, close control, accurate passing and above all, he is young and ready to listen and learn.


Whilst Nasri has played in various positions, his role at Arsenal will be on the flanks, this is where most of Arsenal’s creativity has come from in the past, and a position that Wenger expects goals to come from too.

“I have chatted to Arsene Wenger and I am going to play on the flank since it is there where the playmakers are, doubling up as wingers,” he added in an interview with French daily L’Equipe.

“That system suits me. I have played there for four years in the France youth team and also in the senior team.

“The left or the right, it doesn’t matter to me.”


The only dampener in the interview was that Samir will be on his own for the first time in his life.  Settling into a new country cannot be easy for anyone, but with the French connection at the club, Arsenal will do all they can to make Samir feel at home.

Nasri said, “My parents won’t be with me anymore so I’m going to have to cope with it and learn to be independent.


“In the meantime I have asked the club to have someone cooking for me and cleaning because I’m not used to being autonomous, I’ve always been living with my parents.”

Samir Nasri has certainly said all the right things as  far as Arsenal fans are concerned.  The fans will be hoping that the young Frenchman will emulate one of his predecessors, Robert Pires, both in the type of football that he brings to the club and the number of goals he scores.


Arsenal fans will have to wait to Wednesday to see Samir in action against VfB Stuttgart, but they will get a closer look at him next week-end in the Emirates Cup.

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