Rumour or Rubbish

van Persie on his way to Juventus?

van Persie on his way to Juventus?

Newspapers have little to do these days, ,neither to websites, so the best way of filling the pages up is by creating stories and then joining these stories up to create more stories.  The end result, a load of rubbish.

Juventus announced 10 days ago, having bought Poulsen from Sevilla that they are not in the market for any more players.  Either newspaper reporters did not pick up on this, or they tough peopel have the same memory span as they do, one day!  They are persisting that with the story that van Persie is a target of Juventus.  To add crdence to theri story, they are now linking the fact that Arsenal, as well as a host of other clubs, are looking at two Juventus youngsters, wqitha possible swap move involving van Persie.

Well Wenger will be absolutley crazy to contemplate either any cash plus players for van Persie or even a straight cash deal for van Persie.  Having lost two players this summer that he was not happy about, Flamini and Hleb, he is not about to sanction a third departure, especially as he has re-iterated time after time that another of his strikers, Adebayor,  is going nowhere.

The idle hands of journalists are at it again, this time with Gallas.  Apart from his one moment of

Gallas for PSG?

Gallas for PSG?

pique agaisnt Birmingham ,Gallas has been trhe model captain.  He is the first real captain we have had since Adams, he has cajoled the team into performing as they did last season,  has organised social events to ensure that they have bonded.  Now the press thinks that as he is over 30, threw a tantrum and Paris St Germain are looking for players, Gallas will be sold.

Wenger rates Gallas, he is the player who gets things done on the pitch and one of few experienced players left i nthe squad.  If Wenger was to sell Gallas, then that is akin to throwing the title race away now.  He is the rock of the defence, he is the driving force of the team, this man never gives up.  Who will replace him at the back?  Senderos, a player who makes the fans turn white with fear when he coems running onto the pitch.   Djourou, who went on loan at Birmingham last season and never impressed whilst there. Song, the man described by Merson as ” fish up a tree”, Song has improved but who would trust him at centre back alongside Toure?

Yes the press have many idle hours to fill, so they come up with crazy stories which are then fed to websites and blogs and they then becoem almost reality.

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