Premier League Round-up

Prior to leaving for South Africa Alex Ferguson did what he has accused Real Madrid of doing.  He went on record to say that Man Utd have made an offer for a player who would add to their squad.  In subsequent interviews he made it known that this player is Berbatov.  Having spent the whole week briefing the press that a deal was imminent, Fergie got sick and tired of no deal materialising and sought to push the deal through using the media.

So it appears that it is ok for Fergie to “tap” players up, as he has done  so over the years from Staam, van Nistelroy and Hargreaves, but the moment anybody tries it on with his team he starts throwing his dummy out of the pram.

Daniel Levy has reported Fergie and Man Utd to the FA over their approaches to Berbatov.  No doubt the FA will turn a blind eye to one of their favourite sons and exonnerate Man Utd once again.

Not to be outdone, Rafa Benitez, the hero of the Kop, has decided to go one better than Fergie.  Having initially spent most of the summer trying to unsettle Gareth Barry, the Spanish wheeler dealer has turned his attentions to Tottenham’s Robbie Keane.  Not once, but continually at press conferences Rafa has dropped Keane’s name in interviews.  Levy again is hoping mad and has sent another complaint to the FA.  What Levy does not realise is that Liverpool FC can not do any wrong in the FA’s eyes. 

It will be a busy time at White Hart Lane as Spurs try to offload half a dozen players to balance the books.  Its about time a Tottenham manager got rid of the deadwood that has been accumulated every season by Martin Jol.  The only thing why would Sunderland offer £24M for a bunch of Tottenham no-hopers when Spurs are desperate to get rid of them?

At Wigan, Steve Bruce is trying to re-create the squad he left behind at Birmingham, the same squad that got relegated last season, Bruce the clue is in the word relegated.  Having bought Wilson Pallacios last season, he has added Olivier Kapo and Daniel de Ridder.  Continuing on this path will bring Bruce his reward, relegation.

The credit crunch has hit several clubs this summer with Newcastle, the perennial spenders, not bringing any players in to strengthen a depleted squad.  Whilst two clubs wishing to move on to the next level, Everton and Aston Villa remain quiet.

One of last season’s big transfer movers are very quiet this summer.  In fact West Ham have taken a leaf out of the Iceland marketing tool and are offering buy one get one free, with Zamorra and Pantil the first pair to be offered in this unique selling ploy.

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