Rejections, Rejections Or So The Papers Say

According to the newspapers Arsenal have been rejected by Obafemi Martins, Andrei Arshavin, Roque Santa Cruz, and Falcao.

All this after all those player or their agents professed as to how excited they will welcome a move to Arsenal.

Martins on 5 July 2008
“Arsenal is a big club that everyone wants to play for. I am thrilled and it will be nice to play for such a team,” said the 23-year-old told.
“But, now that I am a Newcastle player, there is nothing much to say. If it is true, both clubs would have to reach an agreement.
“Is Arsenal a good club? Yes. Would I love to play there? Probably, if Newcastle are ready to listen to them. But if Newcastle says no then it’ll be no.”

Martins on 17 July 2008
“It is good to know where I am going to be because I am still a Newcastle player and I really want to play for Newcastle,” said Martins.
“I really love the fans as well and I have three years contract so for now I really don’t know what is going on.
“There is talk about Arsenal, which is a good thing because they play in the UEFA Champions League, but for now I am a Newcastle player and I will stay here for three years.
“I am happy, very happy.”

So Arsenal do not contact Newcastle about Martins, so he has to back-track.

Falcao told The Sun on 11 July 2008: “I know there is interest from Arsenal and that excites me.
“If there is an agreement between the clubs I’m ready to go. It would mean a huge leap forward in my career.
“I can guarantee my financial future. The Premier League is sensational.”
Following no move from Arsenal, Falcao told Argentinean newspaper Ole: “I have new goals. I want to be the tournament’s top scorer and win a continental cup.
“I always said I wanted to play in the top flight for a long time. I want to stay at River, my home. I feel very comfortable here.”

Dennis Lachter, Arshavin’s agent said on 15 July 2008: “The stable situation in the club and the influence of Arsene Wenger to Arsenal and to English football is huge.

“If Arsenal go for Arshavin it could be really good for both parties. Arsenal is a very young team and Arshavin is 27.”

He added: “There’s something about combining younger and older players, they propagate attacking football.”
After waiting by the telephone and Arsene refuses to call, Arshavin has said, “I hope I can sign for Barcelona. I’m not going to stay at Zenit and I don’t know if I’m going to London but I have made my desires very clear. The whole world knows I have dreamed forever about going to Barca.”

This clearly shows that one day’s headline of Arsenal about to launch a bid for a player, is replaced the a few days by that player pledging his allegiance to his current club, but only after Arsenal made no attempt to sing him and had no intention to sign him in the first place.

The moral to this, do not believe what you read in the newspapers

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    i am called kamaha yvan tibaut. from cameroon, an arsenal fan please i will like to pass this information to the other suppoter of arsenal that let us trust our coach mr wenger he know what he is doing because this is the sa;e thing last year people was saying that the gunner will not do any thing but at last the tried thier best, but and asking that let the gunners should atlist but one expiriend defender and attacker to improve thier style of play

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