Arsenal’s New Signing


Arsenal have today confirmed that  Francis Coquelin has joined the club.

Coquelin has been training with Arsenal all summer, the young 17 year old French midfielder  joins from  Stade Lavallois, no transfer fee has been reported.  Coquelin refused to sign a professional contract with his team Laval, he was a free agent.  Arsenal have signed several players on this basis in the past and even though no fee is payable, Arsenal have always paid a nominal fee to stay on good terms with French teams.

Coquelin becomes Arsenal’s third signing, with Amaury Bischoff expected to be announced next week as the fourth summer signing after he too refused to sign a new contract with Werder Bremen.

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  1. why mathins signing is turn down?

  2. Patrick Joe Pariyo

    I believe in Wenger, we have a lot of young talented players who now know that it is do or die after 4 empty years wirthout silver ware, it will be ilogical to buy new players over the rich talents we ha already have more over all of them are burning to win a trophy. Adebayors going is just money which he is not even worth it. NB; we didnt get a cup because Adebayor wasted too many clean chances of scoring. infact he is not and has never been an arsenal material. I hope he lives to the expectations of mancity, it is onething going for big money and yet another living to satisfy the payer. Toure is blind but let him go, he too went for the Arab money whichmay look lucrative but it may turn biotter if such un-principled players do not perform to the tune of such money. football is not just buying players or their names, it also involves managing and realistic payment for such players. I wonder what the mancities world will look like if all this show of money pouring yields to frustration!!!! ha ha ha ha ha free oil money is not the same as kicking the watch out, besides dont forget the credit crunch which will hit clubs too. bravo Wenger be principled as always, oneday there will be a smile and it is already nearby. lastly Viera despised arsenal norms when he left for Italy, he has no business coming back, not to forget that hisbones are no more arsenal material. we must prtray true meaning of beautoifull ball through the your not stoneage men.

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