Who’s coming and who’s Leaving

The transfer window has been open for 9 days, but the activity at the Emirates has been frenetic.

Shortly after the season ended Arsene Wenger told fans that they will see things develop within 2-3 weeks. After the initial excitement, things reverted to type with Arsenal linked with dozens of players and several of our established players linked with other clubs.

Flamini was the first to leave, this was no surprise as he had refused to sign a new contract, and then announced he was joining AC Milan on a free transfer.

Hleb had made noises about joining Inter Milan, but whilst that move did not materialise, Barcelona are now his favoured destination with the transfer expected to be completed next week. Wenger has demanded Yaya Toure to come to Arsenal as part of the deal and with the imminent departure of Gilberto, we can only assume that Arsene has got his way.

Adebayor has been sending out mixed messages. Deep down he wants to stay, but he would also like to try his hand in Italy or Spain. Wenger is reluctant to let both Hleb and Adebayor leave, so deter his suitors, Arsenal have quoted the two clubs £35M. Guiza’s transfer to Fenerbahce today indicates that Wenger is sure of keeping Adebayor.

Arsene has been busy in the background, and has already signed Aaron Ramsey, a very good prospect for the future, but someone who is capable of making the grade next season. Ramsey is not the only signing so far. Two others have been signed and will be unveiled next week, Samir Nasri from Marseilles and Amaury Bischoff from Werder Bremen. Wenger likes to come up with a signing that makes people question his sanity and Bischoff is that signing. Bischoff will develop slowly as did Flamini and could be a star player in two to three years.

Once Arsene has assembled his squad in Austria he will see who else he needs to buy and will have already put the wheels in motion for these transfers to go through fairly quickly.

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